What have we planted so far?

We are most grateful to Cue Marketing (http://cuemarketing.co.uk/) who have kindly taken some overhead drone photographs of the Orchard after our first phase of planting. Here is a photo of the site with the locations of the young trees identified by red circles:

photo with trees large

and this is a planting plan showing the species that have been planted so far

As planted Feb 2016 rev 01

We are planning the next phase in July, when we will be planting about another 40 trees. As well as more Wareham Russetts and Minshull Crabs, this phase will include other Cheshire heritage varieties such as Arthur Barnes, Millicent Barnes and Betley Bee Bush. As our lease includes all the land on the left-hand side of the diagonal path, we have room for many more trees!

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