Ernie Nelson at the Wireless


In June last year we wrote about the role 95 year old Ernie Nelson of Hartford played in the D-Day landings. In this weeks VE Day Commemorative issue of the Northwich Guardian we learn more of his story. Ernie, who was a wireless telegraphist on HMS Scourge, was returning from an Arctic convoy when […]

Orchard Update, April 2020

Well. COVID-19 may be rocking our world, but nature carries on regardless. During one of our recent daily walks, we’ve been checking on progress and the trees are just beginning to burst into blossom. Some of our Wareham Russetts are now 4 years old, and doing very well: And the two Hazel Pears that were […]

Orchard Update: February 2020

In February we planted 6 more Wareham Russets, to replace trees that had been lost, and 2 Hazel Pears. We are hopeful that this has now completed the planting phase, and we now need to focus on looking after our young trees to ensure that they become fully established We are very grateful to Tom […]

Co-op Local Causes ( Corrected Website address )

Correction The address for our page on the Co-op Local cause website in yesterday’s November Newsletter was incorrect. The correct address is Click on the link, or copy it in to your web browser’s address bar. Please accept my apologies if you struggled to use the wrong address! If you are a member of […]

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Visitors to the Memorial Orchard will know that we have been trying to regenerate the wild flower meadow. This means only cutting the ‘vegetation’ once a year in order to allow wild flowers to grow and the seeds to scatter and germinate. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the start of The Second World […]


80 years ago, on  the 1stSeptember 1939,  the Second World War in Europe began when France and the United Kingdom declared war on Germany following the invasion of Poland by Germany.  However it should be noted that, although neither had declared war on the other, Japan (aiming to dominate Asia and the Pacific) had already […]

Help wanted!

Help wanted!

Mike Hornby is hard at work…. As we are coming into summer, those of you who have visited the Orchard recently will have noticed that it is becoming very overgrown. A small team of us have been trying to deal with this on Tuesday mornings, but the weather has interfered and we are falling behind. […]

HMS Scourge

D-Day Veteran Ernie Nelson

95 year old Ernie Nelson is a Second World War Royal Navy veteran who played an important role in the D-day Landings.  Ernie has lived in Hartford for the past 32 years although his home was in Rudheath during and after the war.   This year he has taken part in the 75th Anniversary commemorations. […]

Armistice Centenary Service of Remembrance at the Memorial Orchard

( If you are reading the newsletter version of this please visit the website to see the photo and map – ) World War One effectively ended on Armistice day at 11.00 a.m. on the 11th November one hundred years ago but the end of fighting in the “War to end all wars” did not […]