Phase 2 is now complete

On Tuesday 2nd August, we planted another 41 young trees which had been raised for us by Reaseheath College. They included 5 Arthur Barnes, 10 Millicent Barnes, 4 Betley Bee Bush, another 8 Minshull Crabs and no fewer than 12 more Wareham Russetts, We have been also been fighting an ongoing batttle against ragwort, and it looks like we will be continuing to do so for some time!

Once again, Cue Marketing (  have taken some overhead drone photographs, and here is a photo of the site with the locations of the new young trees identified by black circles. The red circles are the trees that were planted in February:

20160820 + trees

Here is an updated planting plan showing all the trees that have been planted so far:

20160810 tree layoutWe now have a total of 45 Wareham Russetts that appear to be thriving. More to come next year!

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