Armistice Centenary Service of Remembrance at the Memorial Orchard

( If you are reading the newsletter version of this please visit the website to see the photo and map – ) World War One effectively ended on Armistice day at 11.00 a.m. on the 11th November one hundred years ago but the end of fighting in the “War to end all wars” did not […]

Planting plans 2016 and 2018

Chairman’s Report 2017-2018

( Newsletter readers: To see this report with more illustrations please view it in your browser : )     Since our last AGM scions have been taken from the Wareham Russet apple tree in Tower Lane and from other Cheshire heritage apple trees growing in the Trafford Drive Allotments Community Orchard. Harry Delaney and […]

AGM 2018

To comply with charity and company law we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting, which this year will take place at 7:30  on Tuesday 16th October at The Scout Hall, Church Street, Weaverham – details as per the attached agenda.  I am also attaching the minutes of last year’s AGM. Our chair Tina Johnson […]

Horticultural experts help to preserve rare Cheshire apple

Horticultural experts help to preserve rare Cheshire apple

Please read the important notice at the foot of this article Horticultural experts from Reaseheath College are helping to bring a rare Cheshire apple tree back from the brink of extinction by grafting saplings for a community orchard. Members of the Weaverham Community Memorial Orchard Group approached our horticultural department for help in preserving the […]

Spring 2018

Spring 2018

  Spring is here and our apple tree saplings will soon be in blossom.  Our team of volunteers started planting grafted saplings early in January this year bringing the total number planted to 150.  Later this year we intend to plant Cheshire Prune (damson) and Hazel Pear saplings.  Hazel Pears are associated with Acton Bridge […]

Chairman's Report 2016-2017

Chairman’s Report 2016-2017

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 2016-2017 Our volunteers continue to work in the orchard tending the trees, putting in strong stakes, weeding, keeping the paths clear and picking up litter and dog poo. Early in March we took scions from the old Wareham Russet tree in Tower Lane as well as from other Cheshire heritage apple trees growing […]

Weaverham News November 2017

Weaverham News November 2017

The following will be published in Issue 68 of the Weaverham News THE MEMORIAL ORCHARD As we enter autumn our saplings are dropping their leaves. For the trees (if not for us) it has been a good summer without long dry spells, and they have grown well. So far, out of the 79 trees already […]