Tom The Appleman

Chairman’s Report & Accounts 2019-2020

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 2019-2020 So far 2020 has been a strange year. Until the lockdown we were able to continue the work we started in 2019: re-staking trees and planting a few new ones. We are grateful to Tom the Appleman who grafted some scions onto rootstock for us. He also grafted some Wareham Russet scions […]


80 years ago, on  the 1stSeptember 1939,  the Second World War in Europe began when France and the United Kingdom declared war on Germany following the invasion of Poland by Germany.  However it should be noted that, although neither had declared war on the other, Japan (aiming to dominate Asia and the Pacific) had already […]

Chairman’s Report for the Year 2015-2016

In 2014 the Woodland Trust offered us almost an acre of land in Thorn Wood on which to plant our orchard. After the lawyers had worked on the details we eventually signed the lease in November 2015 and we are very grateful for the support given by Neil Oxley of the Woodland Trust who has […]