Orchard Update, April 2020

Well. COVID-19 may be rocking our world, but nature carries on regardless. During one of our recent daily walks, we’ve been checking on progress and the trees are just beginning to burst into blossom. Some of our Wareham Russetts are now 4 years old, and doing very well:

A Wareham Russet
And another one

And the two Hazel Pears that were planted in February have also taken well:

One of the Hazel Pears …
… and the other one

Some of the other varieties are also thriving, such as this Millicent Barnes, although others are later to flower:

A Millicent Barnes

However, It’s not all been plain sailing. Some of you will know that we also sowed some wildflower seed in October last year around the “Children’s Orchard” – our circle of 18 dwarf Warehams – but so far these don’t seem to have flourished.  Never mind; we’ll try again.

Where are our wild flowers?

And we are lucky enough to have a range of other wild flowers that are already established – such as these cowslips:

The bee hotels are also busy, although the residents wouldn’t stay still for long enough to pose for a photo.

So it’s all going well …….. but we could do with a drop of rain!

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