Weaverham News – Trafford Drive Allotments Community Orchard

In April and May we will have commemorated the centenary of the start of the Gallipoli Campaign and the 70th anniversary of VE Day. This makes us think even more deeply about the many lives that were lost, and the injuries suffered, throughout both World Wars and subsequent conflicts. What better way to remember those Weaverham villagers (known as Russets) who have been killed or injured in these wars, than to bring our village tree, the Wareham Russet, back from the brink of extinction, and to plant it alongside other Cheshire Heritage fruit trees in our own community orchard.

Trafford Drive Allotments Community Orchard



This photograph of Trafford Drive Allotments Community Orchard, which I visited recently, gives us an idea of what our orchard will look like in a few years’ time. This orchard was planted in 2002, and many of the trees are Cheshire Heritage apple trees, although none are Wareham Russets. It looks beautiful at this time of year. We intend to start planting our trees during the dormant season (next winter), although it will take a few years to plant a whole orchard.

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