Cuttings taken.

Cuttings have been taken from an old Wareham Russet apple tree by Colin Haworth . This is the same tree that was identified as being a genuine Wareham Russet by the experts at the National Fruit collection at Brogdale.

pruning 3

These cuttings ,  called “scions”, will be grafted on to apple root stock by Colin; Colin used to own Eddisbury Fruit Farm before he retired, so he is expert at this. If all the cuttings take we should have 50 apple trees – some of these will be sold to raise money to help purchase more root stock next year, and some will be planted out in the orchard.

In the first year we plan to plant a mixture of our own  Wareham Russets and of other old Cheshire apple varieties bought from nurseries. We will also plant other local fruit like the Hazel pear and the Cheshire Prune.

All we need now is for a lease to be agreed for the orchard….




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