Orchard Update: February 2020

In February we planted 6 more Wareham Russets, to replace trees that had been lost, and 2 Hazel Pears. We are hopeful that this has now completed the planting phase, and we now need to focus on looking after our young trees to ensure that they become fully established

We are very grateful to Tom Adams who raised the grafts for us at his nursery near Oswestry, from scions that we provided in March last year.

Tom the Appleman at his nursery

Tom now has grafts of some of the varieties from our Orchard – including Wareham Russets – available for sale, see his website for details (https://www.tomtheappleman.co.uk/) .

We were lucky with the weather for our planting and we are beginning to get the hang of how to do it:

Mike Hornby prepares the hole, with Rob Lloyd standing by to hammer in the stake ….
… but Rob has now given the ‘post basher’ to Peter Sayers to do the work!

We were also very pleased to welcome Charles Cottle who visited us to help planting the Hazel Pear saplings. One of Charles’ relatives was a descendant of Sgt Thomas Moreton Gandy, 22nd Manchester Regiment, who was killed in action in France, March 1917. He is remembered on the Weaverham War Memorial.

Is that straight?
Here Geoff Hornby and Charles Cottle complete the planting
Meanwhile Brian Williams adds a wire guard to keep the rabbits away ….
… whilst Jacquie Williams takes on the next big task. Our young trees now need pruning!

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