Weaverham News November 2017

The following will be published in Issue 68 of the Weaverham News


As we enter autumn our saplings are dropping their leaves. For the trees (if not for us) it has been a good summer without long dry spells, and they have grown well. So far, out of the 79 trees already planted we have only lost 4. As the days grow shorter and trees enter their dormant season we will resume planting Cheshire heritage fruit trees, including more Wareham Russets. This time some of the trees will be on dwarf root stock so that once mature they will be little more than bushes and the apples can be safely picked by children.

If you would like to know more about the orchard why not look at our website: orchard.weaverham.org.uk and/or Facebook.com/The Memorial Orchard.

As I write Armistice Day approaches. 100 years ago another Christmas at war was getting closer. Whist we look forward to a great time at Christmas and New Year, what a contrast it was in 1917 for Ada Roden who heard that her husband Gunner Arthur Roden had been killed on 29th December. How awful for his widowed mother Fanny who lived in Sandiway. Similarly, in the Second World War, 18 year old Ordinary Seaman Edward Ashton, Royal Navy on HMS Patroller was killed on Boxing Day 1943. When news reached Weaverham it must have devastated his parents Edward and Emily. 22 year old Basil James Dobell Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve on H.M.S. Galatea died at sea just ten days before Christmas 1941. James Gordon Redfern, once a member of Owley Wood Scouts, served in 156 Squadron, Royal Air Force (VR) and was killed on 2nd December 1943.

It was in memory of them and others who served in two World Wars and in more recent conflicts that the Memorial Orchard was created.

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