Ragwort Cleared

Hello everyone!

It looks as though we’ve cleared all the ragwort from what will be our
orchard, but, no doubt, as smaller plants grow, we will soon be seeing
a few ragwort flowers. These plants will have to be pulled up at a
later stage. At the moment we will not be having any more ragwort
clearance sessions, but if you walk along the path, we think you will
see a difference between our side of the path, and the side which we
will not be leasing.

Our thanks go to ALL our helpers – a stalwart few, who worked so very
hard, and were prepared, at times, to disappear in grass and flowers
that towered above them (see both ends of what will be our land), and
to negotiate rabbit holes and ditches. Well done!
We hope we can rely on the support of many more volunteers when we
start planting in the dormant season.

Best wishes to all,


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