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The March edition of the Weaverham News has just dropped through my letterbox, so it is time to update you with the spring contribution from the Memorial Orchard.

The same contribution was also published in the Hartford News, but with different directions to the Orchard – so I have combined them here.

Most people seem to know that The Memorial Orchard is located in Thorn Wood but some have asked us how to get there.

From Weaverham

Leave Weaverham by the Northwich Rd, go over the former railway bridge and Thorn Wood is on the right hand side. It is accessed via a kissing gate just before you reach the first two houses in Hartford on the opposite side of the road.

From Hartford

Leave Hartford in the direction of Weaverham on the Northwich Rd. Go past the Grange school playing fields on your left hand side. Thorn Wood is accessed via a kissing gate which is just after and opposite the last two houses before you get to Weaverham.

The orchard is on the right hand side of the diagonal path as you enter the wood with your back to the main road. It is a facility for everyone living in Hartford, Weaverham and surrounding communities to enjoy.

We are very grateful to the Woodland Trust for leasing us the land and for all the support Neil Oxley of the Woodland Trust has given us. Thanks to money donated by our sponsors and work done by volunteers we have planted about 80 Cheshire heritage apple trees in memory of those who fought in past conflicts. Approximately half of these are Wareham Russets, a local variety which was on the brink of extinction. We hope to plant more trees this year. If you would like to sponsor a tree, make a small donation towards the cost of running the orchard or would like to join our volunteers please contact me. (e-mail: orchard@weaverham.org.uk; web address: orchard.weaverham.org.uk).

Tina Johnson

(Chairman of WCMO)


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