Cuttings taken.

Cuttings taken.

Cuttings have been taken from an old Wareham Russet apple tree by Colin Haworth . This is the same tree that was identified as being a genuine Wareham Russet by the experts at the National Fruit collection at Brogdale. These cuttings ,  called “scions”, will be grafted on to apple root stock by Colin; Colin […]

Weaverham New – November 2014

LEST WE FORGET. We are drawing near to the end of 2014 which marked the centenary of the start of World War 1. Until November 2018, the centenary of the end of that war, we will be remembering different events in that terrible conflict.   Each year, on Armistice Day, we remember all those who gave […]

A second Russet Tree

Until now we knew of only one surviving old Wareham Russet tree, in a garden off Tower Lane. However as a result of the Trust giving us a page 1 spot in the Weaverham News, a lady has phoned to say that her garden used to be part of one of the original orchards, and she […]

Cajel Trees

The 1840 Tithe apportionments list many plots as being “Cajel Trees”. But what are Cajel Trees? Pat Daffern thinks she has found out: I think that the Cajel tree is the Blackthorn which bears Sloes as its fruit.  The wood is very, very, very strong and has long thorns.  The branches were used as CUDGELS and I […]

Front page on the Weaverham News!

The Orchard Project has made the front page of September’s issue of the Weaverham news: WEAVERHAM COMMUNITY ORCHARD Yes, you can help to bring our own village tree back from near extiction in memory of the villagers (Russets) who were killed or injured in the two world wars and subsequent conflicts. Wareham is the old […]